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Pumpkin – More Than Just A Jack-O-Lantern

Published / by Andy Rodd

Pumpkins are better recognized in the western civilization as jack o’ lanterns. These become popular in the month of October when Halloween is celebrated. Aside from it’s decorative attributes did you know that pumpkins are also good for your health.

Pumpkin is a member of the Curcubita family along with squash and cucumbers.


  • Are rich in beta carotine – Beta carotine is a type of carotenoid or what is better known as an antioxidant that is found to have positive impacts on the immune system and anticarcinogenic effects. Anticarcinogenic generally equates to anti cancer.

  • Contain luteins and zeaxanthin- These scavenge free radicals in the lens of your eyes. They therefore help prevent cataracts and protects against macular degeneration and other eye problems that may result in blindness.
  • Have high contents of fiber- High fiber equals healthy digestion. This also aids your body in expelling cholesterol which further protects you from heart related disorders.