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Health Tips For Women

Published / by Andy Rodd
Women today are inundated with health advice from many quarters. Magazines extol various health care products. The internet is a popular source of advice for diet and exercise programs and information about disease prevention. Entire cable television stations are devoted to keeping women informed about health and beauty issues.
Thousands of diets and supplement systems purport to provide women with the nutrients necessary to maintain health and stay youthful-looking. This surfeit of messages about how to stay healthy can be overwhelming and confusing. How can a woman discern which health tips will be valuable for her? Research has shown that many women are taking potentially harmful combinations of supplements, or are over-supplemented in some areas and undernourished in others.
But 21st century discoveries are taking the science of wellness to new levels, particularly in the area of nutrition. The progress made in the study of the human genome offers exciting new prospects for women concerned with maximizing their wellness.

Genomics And Wellness

The ultimate in wellness programming may lie in each woman’s own unique DNA. With the advances made in gene mapping, it’s now possible to obtain a nutritional supplement tailored especially for a particular genetic makeup. Rather than sorting through the many, many pieces of advice that may or may not be what your body needs, a simple cheek-swab test can reveal what supplements are necessary for you.

The Process

Premiere genomics supplements companies can walk you through the process, which is surprisingly simple, given the complexity of the science involved. A cheek-swab test is provided, which you then send back to the company laboratory. Robotic analysis is performed on the DNA sample, and these results are relayed back to scientists who will develop a nutritional program especially for you.

The process targets twelve genes. These twelve meet several criteria. First, they influence body systems that play a large role in what we think of as “aging.” These include areas such as cardiovascular health, absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals, oxidative stress, detoxification, bone health, brain and cognitive health, and immune health. As well, these genes have been studied for several years, and have been reported on in reputable scientific journals. They’ve been proven to respond to therapeutic doses of active ingredients and vitamin supplementation.

Variants And Supplementation

Each of us inherits unique genetic characteristics from our parents. From them we may inherit variations on genes known as variants, or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs.) Often these variants cause a gene’s function to be impaired, although there may be no outward signs of this until the appearance of an age-related disease.
However, if SNPs are discovered on the twelve targeted genes, a genomic company can devise a supplement program that will address the issues. By assessing the type and degree of impairment, scientists will create a unique combination of active ingredients and vitamins designed for a specific genetic makeup.

Good News For Women

These advances are proving to be revolutionary for women’s health. By boosting gene function, a woman’s health – present and future – can be improved at the most basic level. By customizing a dietary supplement unique to each client genomic companies are taking women’s health onto a whole new level. Addressing and correcting genetic issues before they can develop into health problems will ensure that women live longer, healthier lives.