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3 Things You Need To Know About The Spin Bike

Published / by Andy Rodd

Every businessmen or woman would prefer to go for the long-term deals. Even in the business, it is important that one has to maintain the balance between Professional and Personal life. Like we all have our Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner without skipping it. Just like that, you have to take your workout seriously.

Working out has several long-term benefits that help you to increase the number of hours to your job. It will also keep you active for longer periods than the usual hours. We have seen many people in our offices that they do much better than other’s and one of the reasons is that they workout every day. You can check out this best spin bike reviews and indoor cycle comparisons for 2017 here.

When we approach an expert for suggestions, then you learn new things and gain more information on the exercise, but one of the biggest flaws is that you get confused on which one to choose. In the race of confusion, you also cross the path with the Spin Bike.

3 Things You Need To Know About The Spin Bike?

Spin bikes are hugely popular in many countries due to the concept, which resembles the Road Bike. Spin bike serves the same purpose of the road bike, but when you have one at your home, then there are plenty of things are different when you workout.

The Requirement

When you take a closer look at the Spin Bike, they are practically heavier than the road bikes. The both bikes are made for different purposes. Road Bike is a transportation machine, while the spin bike is for the workout. However, when you are starting to workout, then the bikes does not require you to have any experience. In other words, you don’t need to have any experience at all to use the machine at 100% level. Check out 17 for 2017: the best road bikes of 2017

No matter what Gender or Age group the user is because the equipment is made for all ages. There are plenty of features added to machine that helps you to work out much more smoothly, that is why the unit is heavier than a road bike.


We all are aware of the fact that cardio has benefits that help a user to attain strength, fitness, and more. However, when you are working out on the spin bike, you will sweat because of the heat generated by your intense effort. However, did you know? That eve after the workout, your body will experience the work even after half an hour.

If you exercise for an hour, then the experience will last for half an hour. Your body will be relaxed and also last longer or stay active throughout the day.

Relaxed Mind

People are smart, and we often hear that, but there are also hot minded people. If you are one of then, there is good news for you. Those who exercise daily on the spin bike can lead a calm life, which is the important thing in the professional life.


Newbies are ready to take any measure to do their work faster. If you are willing to make an effort, then start working out and improve your body and mind first. If you have any questions, then make sure to comment below.


Health Tips For Women

Published / by Andy Rodd
Women today are inundated with health advice from many quarters. Magazines extol various health care products. The internet is a popular source of advice for diet and exercise programs and information about disease prevention. Entire cable television stations are devoted to keeping women informed about health and beauty issues.
Thousands of diets and supplement systems purport to provide women with the nutrients necessary to maintain health and stay youthful-looking. This surfeit of messages about how to stay healthy can be overwhelming and confusing. How can a woman discern which health tips will be valuable for her? Research has shown that many women are taking potentially harmful combinations of supplements, or are over-supplemented in some areas and undernourished in others.
But 21st century discoveries are taking the science of wellness to new levels, particularly in the area of nutrition. The progress made in the study of the human genome offers exciting new prospects for women concerned with maximizing their wellness.

Genomics And Wellness

The ultimate in wellness programming may lie in each woman’s own unique DNA. With the advances made in gene mapping, it’s now possible to obtain a nutritional supplement tailored especially for a particular genetic makeup. Rather than sorting through the many, many pieces of advice that may or may not be what your body needs, a simple cheek-swab test can reveal what supplements are necessary for you.

The Process

Premiere genomics supplements companies can walk you through the process, which is surprisingly simple, given the complexity of the science involved. A cheek-swab test is provided, which you then send back to the company laboratory. Robotic analysis is performed on the DNA sample, and these results are relayed back to scientists who will develop a nutritional program especially for you.

The process targets twelve genes. These twelve meet several criteria. First, they influence body systems that play a large role in what we think of as “aging.” These include areas such as cardiovascular health, absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals, oxidative stress, detoxification, bone health, brain and cognitive health, and immune health. As well, these genes have been studied for several years, and have been reported on in reputable scientific journals. They’ve been proven to respond to therapeutic doses of active ingredients and vitamin supplementation.

Variants And Supplementation

Each of us inherits unique genetic characteristics from our parents. From them we may inherit variations on genes known as variants, or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs.) Often these variants cause a gene’s function to be impaired, although there may be no outward signs of this until the appearance of an age-related disease.
However, if SNPs are discovered on the twelve targeted genes, a genomic company can devise a supplement program that will address the issues. By assessing the type and degree of impairment, scientists will create a unique combination of active ingredients and vitamins designed for a specific genetic makeup.

Good News For Women

These advances are proving to be revolutionary for women’s health. By boosting gene function, a woman’s health – present and future – can be improved at the most basic level. By customizing a dietary supplement unique to each client genomic companies are taking women’s health onto a whole new level. Addressing and correcting genetic issues before they can develop into health problems will ensure that women live longer, healthier lives.…

Improve Skin Firmness And Appearance With Gene-Based Skin Care System

Published / by Andy Rodd
Improve skin firmness and health with revolutionary new dermagenomic skin care products. A-List Hollywood celebrities, sports figures, and people concerned with age-proofing their skin are discovering the new science devoted to finding the links between nutrition and skin health, and are experiencing amazing results. 100 per cent natural DNA-based products have been shown to significantly improve skin tone, and to decrease the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.
The products are customized to individual DNA. A DNA test helps to ascertain which of five key skin health genes may have small flaws known as variants on them, hampering gene function. Variants, or SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) may keep genes from dealing effectively with oxidative stress, or from producing collagen in a timely manner. These small gene malfunctions lead, over time, to the breakdown of skin health, and premature skin aging.
By assessing SNPs present on a client’s DNA, dermagenomic companies will create unique skin care formulations designed to address the problems caused by variants and boost gene function. This can reverse the effects of aging, and help to prevent future skin health breakdown.
DNA-based dermagenomic products are formulated with plant-based ingredients such as aloe, extracts from superfruits, vitamins, and antioxidants. Active ingredients are herbal compounds proven to influence enzymatic activity. These ingredients are absorbed through the skin via a liposomal delivery system that helps them to penetrate deep into the dermis where they can be most effective. Dermagenomic products do not contain preservatives such as parabens chemicals such as silicone, or pore-clogging substances such as petroleum products.
Model Cindy Crawford and actress Jennifer Lopez have been observed frequenting clinics specializing in DNA-based skin care; gene-based products are catching on with many Hollywood personalities because of the impressive results experienced by users.
In a recent study, an astonishing 95 per cent of participants reported significant improvement in skin tone and firmness along with noticeable decreases in age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, after only 28 days of using DNA-based skin formulas. Users also express great satisfaction with the products. Customer testimonials include praise such as:
“Besides making my skin feel and look great, it gives me confidence that I am without question helping my skin to stay young by addressing any problems that might arise.”

“It is making the brown spots on my face appear lighter and the fine lines on my face less visible which makes me not only look younger but feel younger too!”
“It feels so refreshing and is so unique that every woman in the world will want it!”
“I have always used lotion on my face but I’ve never encountered the clean and firm feeling I get every time I apply the…serum.”
“I like the look and feel of the formula. I like knowing it’s nourishing and repairing my skin. I like the compliments I receive since I started using it.”
With reviews like these, DNA-based products are sure to continue gaining in popularity. Consider choosing dermagenomic products for your skin care regimen. Made especially for you, to address your unique genetic challenges, dermagenomic products renew, revitalize, and protect your skin.
Just think -this time next month, you too could be looking in the mirror at a healthier, more youthful you!
Anti-aging research examines genetic flaws
Date: February 14 2012

Maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin is one way men and women attempt to slow the aging process. Maintaining a youthful appearance increases confidence and along with eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, one can work towards living a younger lifestyle longer.

As the article indicates, DNA products are very specific to individual needs and allow for a custom skin care regiment that will work based on information the body is providing. This prevents guessing games at the local pharmacy or beauty shop when purchasing over the counter face creams which can result in additional blemishes and have a poor reaction with the skin if proper information is unknown.

With regards to aging, there are many studies conducted in labs across the US that examine genetics to determine the life span cells in the body and how they relate to aging. For example, skin wrinkling is caused by a break down in the skin’s collagen, making the skin less elastic and prone to sagging and wrinkling. At what point does the body stop generating and begin degenerating?

At present the biological reasons for aging is unknown. Scientists agree the body begins to show signs of cellular break down through superficial signs in the skin, including age spots and wrinkles. There are three labs in the United States that focus on examining the aging process and trying to isolate which changes in genes can prolong an organisms life span. Currently these aging experiments are conducted with mice at the US National Institute for Aging, The Barshop Institute and the Jackson Laboratory and the University of Michigan.

Natural Skin Care Products Created Using DNA Information Prove Extremely Effective

Published / by Andy Rodd
Natural skin care products are extremely popular, especially now since the harmful effects of many chemical products on skin are being revealed. Parabens, formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulfate, petrolatum, and an alphabet soup of other dangerous chemicals like BHA, BHT, PEGs, and DEA can all be found in cosmetics and skin care products. Some of these substances have been linked to cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Discerning customers are seeking effective products that contain natural ingredients.
Plant-based compounds are more easily absorbed and more efficiently utilized than chemical formulations. But combining natural ingredients with scientific analysis can achieve the best results of all. Companies using nutragenic technologies – DNA testing in conjunction with natural supplements and vitamins – are creating products that can slow or even reverse the effects of aging.
Some people are naturally able to weather the years gracefully, with few signs of aging. Others look older than their chronological age.While skin can be damaged by environmental factors such as sun exposure, many times skin aging is caused by genetic predisposition.
The good news is that, due to the human genome mapping project, five genes responsible for skin health have been identified. By analyzing these genes, it may be possible to find ways to boost their functioning and to keep skin young and healthy.

The Following genes are targeted for analysis by premium nutragenic companies:

  1. Collagen Breakdown Gene
  2. Superoxide Radical Defense Gene
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide Free Radical Removal Gene
  4. Detoxifying Gene
  5. Inflammatory Gene

Each of these genes may be functioning at optimal capacity, or it may possess small variants known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). A person may inherit one SNP on a gene, from one parent, or he or she could have two SNPs located on a gene, one from each parent. If a gene has one SNP, it will need to be targeted for extra supplementation in order to maximize the gene’s function. A gene possessing two SNPs needs even further supplementation, in order to raise levels of functioning.

The actual process is simple: a client will receive a cheek-swab DNA testing kit. After laboratory results are analyzed, the company will create unique skin care products containing supplements designed to compensate for that particular client’s genetic deficiencies. Separate sera may be created for specific uses, ie, facial serum, a serum targeting delicate tissues surrounding the eye, and a serum for problem areas such as heels, hands, and elbows.
These customized products will help to reduce wrinkle depth, to increase skin firmness, to reduce redness and dryness, and to improve overall skin tone and health. The product line can also include items such as a cleanser designed to keep active ingredients in the serum working longer, and moisturizers: a light moisturizer for the day that protects against UV damage, and a more intense night cream that promotes healing and rejuvenation.

Research shows that clients using DNA-based skin products experienced much better results than clients using a more general line of products. After eight weeks of use, 70% of clients using dermagenic products reported fewer wrinkles and improvements in skin tone and firmness.
By using trusted natural ingredients combined with cutting-edge scientific knowledge, better skin care companies are revolutionizing the way we think about skin health.

Skip These 3 Veggies To Burn Belly Fat

Published / by Andy Rodd

Did you know that not all veggies are created equally when it comes to burning belly fat? Some veggies are high in carbohydrates and  therefore cause an “insulin spike” which is not good for diabetes diet and can lead to belly fat storage…

These are the veggies you want to “skip” if  you’re wanting to burn belly fat:

  • Potatoes – in any form can lead to more weight gain than soda or red meat, study show that consuming an extra helping of potatoes each day can lead to an extra 0.8 pound per year.
  • Corn – is high in carbs, and the calorific value of corn being 342 calories per 100 gm

And surprisingly sweet potatoes or “yams” as they are often called are good at burning belly fat –  they are lower in carbohydrates even though they taste sweeter than regular potatoes.


And that’s just the start! There are LOTS more veggies that can help you to  BURN belly fat. Keep following our post and we will list down this vegetables for you.…

Pumpkin – More Than Just A Jack-O-Lantern

Published / by Andy Rodd

Pumpkins are better recognized in the western civilization as jack o’ lanterns. These become popular in the month of October when Halloween is celebrated. Aside from it’s decorative attributes did you know that pumpkins are also good for your health.

Pumpkin is a member of the Curcubita family along with squash and cucumbers.


  • Are rich in beta carotine – Beta carotine is a type of carotenoid or what is better known as an antioxidant that is found to have positive impacts on the immune system and anticarcinogenic effects. Anticarcinogenic generally equates to anti cancer.

  • Contain luteins and zeaxanthin- These scavenge free radicals in the lens of your eyes. They therefore help prevent cataracts and protects against macular degeneration and other eye problems that may result in blindness.
  • Have high contents of fiber- High fiber equals healthy digestion. This also aids your body in expelling cholesterol which further protects you from heart related disorders.