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Month: May 2015

Natural Skin Care Products Created Using DNA Information Prove Extremely Effective

Published / by Andy Rodd
Natural skin care products are extremely popular, especially now since the harmful effects of many chemical products on skin are being revealed. Parabens, formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulfate, petrolatum, and an alphabet soup of other dangerous chemicals like BHA, BHT, PEGs, and DEA can all be found in cosmetics and skin care products. Some of these substances have been linked to cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Discerning customers are seeking effective products that contain natural ingredients.
Plant-based compounds are more easily absorbed and more efficiently utilized than chemical formulations. But combining natural ingredients with scientific analysis can achieve the best results of all. Companies using nutragenic technologies – DNA testing in conjunction with natural supplements and vitamins – are creating products that can slow or even reverse the effects of aging.
Some people are naturally able to weather the years gracefully, with few signs of aging. Others look older than their chronological age.While skin can be damaged by environmental factors such as sun exposure, many times skin aging is caused by genetic predisposition.
The good news is that, due to the human genome mapping project, five genes responsible for skin health have been identified. By analyzing these genes, it may be possible to find ways to boost their functioning and to keep skin young and healthy.

The Following genes are targeted for analysis by premium nutragenic companies:

  1. Collagen Breakdown Gene
  2. Superoxide Radical Defense Gene
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide Free Radical Removal Gene
  4. Detoxifying Gene
  5. Inflammatory Gene

Each of these genes may be functioning at optimal capacity, or it may possess small variants known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). A person may inherit one SNP on a gene, from one parent, or he or she could have two SNPs located on a gene, one from each parent. If a gene has one SNP, it will need to be targeted for extra supplementation in order to maximize the gene’s function. A gene possessing two SNPs needs even further supplementation, in order to raise levels of functioning.

The actual process is simple: a client will receive a cheek-swab DNA testing kit. After laboratory results are analyzed, the company will create unique skin care products containing supplements designed to compensate for that particular client’s genetic deficiencies. Separate sera may be created for specific uses, ie, facial serum, a serum targeting delicate tissues surrounding the eye, and a serum for problem areas such as heels, hands, and elbows.
These customized products will help to reduce wrinkle depth, to increase skin firmness, to reduce redness and dryness, and to improve overall skin tone and health. The product line can also include items such as a cleanser designed to keep active ingredients in the serum working longer, and moisturizers: a light moisturizer for the day that protects against UV damage, and a more intense night cream that promotes healing and rejuvenation.

Research shows that clients using DNA-based skin products experienced much better results than clients using a more general line of products. After eight weeks of use, 70% of clients using dermagenic products reported fewer wrinkles and improvements in skin tone and firmness.
By using trusted natural ingredients combined with cutting-edge scientific knowledge, better skin care companies are revolutionizing the way we think about skin health.