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Month: December 2013

Skip These 3 Veggies To Burn Belly Fat

Published / by Andy Rodd

Did you know that not all veggies are created equally when it comes to burning belly fat? Some veggies are high in carbohydrates and  therefore cause an “insulin spike” which is not good for diabetes diet and can lead to belly fat storage…

These are the veggies you want to “skip” if  you’re wanting to burn belly fat:

  • Potatoes – in any form can lead to more weight gain than soda or red meat, study show that consuming an extra helping of potatoes each day can lead to an extra 0.8 pound per year.
  • Corn – is high in carbs, and the calorific value of corn being 342 calories per 100 gm

And surprisingly sweet potatoes or “yams” as they are often called are good at burning belly fat –  they are lower in carbohydrates even though they taste sweeter than regular potatoes.


And that’s just the start! There are LOTS more veggies that can help you to  BURN belly fat. Keep following our post and we will list down this vegetables for you.…